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What is the Purpose of Management Referrals?

Referring employees to Occupational Health professionals is regarded as the most effective approach to managing absence (particularly long term absence), as well as providing support and advice to employees still at work with health issues. Employees are typically referred to Occupational health in relation to health issue which have resulted in short and/or long-term absence.

However, we also encouraged a more proactive approach where employees are referred to Occupational Health whilst still at work but with health issues which may
be impacting on their ability to fulfil their duties.

wellbeing-whoWho Undertakes the OH Assessment Following Receipt of the Referral?

The Occupational Health Practitioner will undertake a bio-psychosocial based assessment of the employee and taking into account the working environment.

Why Should I Refer an Employee to Occupational Health?

Using the skills, knowledge and experience of an OH professional cannot only provide support and advice to you as the referring manager, but can also provide valued support to your employee. Referring one of your employees to Occupational Health will ensure that you receive sound, reliable, evidence-based advice in relation to the individuals’ health at work.

This includes a clear opinion on timeframes for their fitness to return to work and/or their role, advice on reasonable adjustments and additional advice in response to your specific questions asked in your referral documentation. This advice will then assist you in supporting and managing your employees in a fair and consistent manner and in line with legislation and local policy.

"The involvement of occupational health professionals is rated the most effective approach for
managing long-term absence by all main employer sectors."

How Does the Process of Referring an Employee to Occupational Health Work?

We believe in keeping processes simple, yet effective. We will provide you with all the relevant documentation to ensure this process runs smoothly and in a timely manner.

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