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New Starter Assessment

What is the aim of a new starter assessment?

The aim of a new starter assessment is to determine whether any workplace adjustments and/or restrictions may be required in support of the new starters health at work.

wellbeing-whoWho Undertakes a New Starter Assessment?

The Occupational Health Practitioner will undertake a new starter assessment and this may be undertaken remotely (i.e. paper based), by phone or face to face.

Why Can’t this Process be Undertaken at Recruitment Stage?

Section 60 of the Equality Act (2010) www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2010/15/section/60 states that, other than in certain circumstances, employers must not ask about the health of job applicants before making a job offer.

Many employers understand the value of settling a new employee into their role with appropriate and reasonable workplace adjustments in place where necessary

How does the process work?

We will work with you to agree a plan for new starter assessments which works for you and your organisational requirements.

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