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What is Employee Wellbeing?

Employee wellbeing is defined by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) as “creating an environment to promote a state of contentment which allows an employee to flourish and achieve their full potential for the benefit of themselves and their organisation”.

Who Benefits from Effective Workplace Wellbeing Strategies?

You as the employer will benefit in terms of achieving high impact results such as reduced sickness absence, reduced turnover, increased employee engagement and increased productivity. Your employees will benefit from being healthier, happier and more engaged.

Why have Wellbeing Strategies in Place

With over 25 per cent of the workforce with a work-limiting illness or injury and with the burden of chronic disease among the working age population set to increase over the next 30 years (Vaughan-Jones and Barham, 2009), the UK is already facing the economic and social consequences of a ‘wellness’ crisis. The public health arena has a role to play in encouraging and educating individuals to make healthier choices in their lives.

Individuals also have to take proactive personal responsibility for their lifestyle choices, health and wellbeing. However, employers have a role to play too, and this means going beyond the bare bones of the legal ‘duty of care’ for which they are already accountable under health and safety legislation.

An effective employee well-being programme should be at the core of how an organisation carries out its operations and should not consist of one-off initiatives.

How do I implement and achieve effective workplace wellbeing strategies?

Improving workplace wellbeing does not have to be difficult or expensive. However, for it to be effective, the needs of employees have to be considered in addition to the characteristics and needs of your organisation.

In consultation with you, we will implement a cost-effective tool which identifies and collates your employee’s wellbeing needs to enable focused and appropriate wellbeing strategies to be designed and implemented.

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